October Update - SDS v2 Inbound

Posted on: 30 Oct 2014
Category: Personal

Hello earthlings, and welcome to the October update!

Since my last post, I've been working diligantly on the next iteration of Silver Dragon Studios. A mockup of the front page has been created in Photoshop, and after some last minute tweaks and polishing, I'm happy with how it's turned out. I've already been waving the final image around Twitter and Facebook, which I'm sure some of you are already getting a bit sick of, but for presentation purposes I'm posting a short preview of it here, since it is going to be part of my portfolio, after all.

There isn't much else I can think of that needs doing at this stage, other than planning for mobile and tablet support, and of course writing content (my archilles heel!), but other than that, I can now start putting together a working template. The new look isn't as flashy as most modern websites out there, but it feels good to give my personal site that fresh lick of paint it desperately needed.

In fitness news, I've just recently passed the 100 day mark of my P180X challenge. I'm impressed, shocked, and amazed by both my dedication to this fitness challenge (or is it obsession?) and the results I've been getting just by pushing play every day. Both my arms look incredibly pumped (I can now do up to 30lbs on concentration curls, whoo!), and I can just about see my abs peeking through my stomach. So it's just a matter of keeping up the good work and trying not to gorge too much on cake frosting on my recovery days.

On the subject of healthy living, I've started experimenting in the kitchen a little bit, trying out new recipes and dishes that might help me with my training and recovery. It's rather touch-and-go, as I'm a complete newbie when it comes to cooking my own food, but with a bit of help and encouragement from my mother (and of course a bit of nagging), I've started to improve a great deal and even tried my hand at making my own dishes - protein banana pancakes, chicken and spinach omelettes, and even a healthy(ish) alternative to the sausage and egg breakfast sandwich using Quorn sausage, a poached egg and a handful of spinach.

It's a fun learning experience, as I get to learn what goes into my food and what meal combinations work on which training days whilst eating clean and fueling the body for my workouts. I might even say that I'm slowly turning into a real foodie as a result, always on the lookout for new meal ideas or recipes for healthier takes on common meal staples, or interesting new flavors for protein shakes. Hell, I might even post some recipes of my own once I've mastered a few dishes. Though I can't promise anything Jamie Oliver quality.

So, Sean the Chef, eh? I'm quite entertained by the idea ;D

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