2014 - A Lookback

Posted on: 20 Dec 2014
Category: Personal

It's no secret that this last year has been one of the most busiest I've had to endure, and the most productive. I started the year off by setting four specific goals - change to a more healthier diet, work on my personal portfolio more, restart my writing project, and be more positive.

I have succeeded on all four fronts.

I've dropped all the junk in favor of greens and healthier food choices, and in doing so dropped all that weight I've been struggling to get rid off for years. Now I'm finally getting the results I've dreamed of, and I feel the best I've felt in a long, long time. I've started work on the next versions of the Realm of Eternal Rain and my own personal site, Silver Dragon Studios, whilst promoting my business with some degree of success. And while Chronicles is still a while away from being written, I've been organizing all my notes, from characters to plot structure, and polishing everything up, now that I have a story plan I'm satisfied with.

And to top it all off, life just seems pretty damn good right now. It's amazing to know that I've accomplished so much in the space of twelve months. I still think that I've been spending the majority of my life asleep, only to have woken up around June this year. If I can get so much done in one year, imagine what else I could do in the next ten.

My goal next year is to maintain my productivity, and build up on it. Right now, I'm content and at piece with myself, but there's still so much left to do, and so many goals to accomplish. I still feel I can do better than I've done this year by taking everything I've done and improve on it. So for 2015, I plan to:

1.) Continue to get in shape. This year was all about "Laying the Foundations", dropping any excess weight and toning up, preparing my body for hard gains. Next year will be about "Building Walls"; Once this current round of P90X is done, I'll be moving on to Body Beast and start my bulk-up plan, building muscle and improving my overall strength and stamina. I'll also be continuing to eat healthily, trying out more healthier food choices and cooking fantastic food that makes me feel good.

2.) Kickstart my business. I've drummed up a bit of interest and support for Silver Dragon Studios, and I want to start building websites for clients. I would also like to add more example works to my portfolio, or at least finish up on all my outstanding projects before I start looking for clients.

3.) Start writing Chronicles of Gaia. I've been putting this off for far too long, partly due to my web development commitments, and I want to release the first few chapters as soon as possible. I've got a great cast of characters, and a great idea for an epic story. It's a shame to put all of my ideas to waste, and I want something to show off to the world, even if it's just a small niche group. I might try writing a few short stories and one-shots just to polish up my writing skill, if I need to.

4.) Continue to be happy and assertive. I've been the happiest I've been in a long time, now that I'm content with my current lifestyle and living situation. I feel more relaxed and outspoken as a result, instead of the shy, withdrawn and awkward nerd I've been these past few years. Right now, my happiness comes from living a healthy and productive life; I want to build on that by doing things and seeking new hobbies that will help keep my happiness intact. And who knows? Maybe I'll finally find that special someone too, while I'm at it?

So not really a list of new years resolutions, but more like a series of objectives that will help me achieve my overall goal for the year more easily. I also have a list of smaller, low priority goals I'd like to fulfill too, such as updating my blog on a more regular basis, or to cut out diet soda completely. They might gain priority as the year progresses and I've cleared up my plate a bit, but for now, I want to focus on finishing all of my outstanding work and continue living a healthy, creative lifestyle, and of course to continue to write, document and share my life and experiences with my friends and family.

I look forward to what 2015 throws in my face.

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