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Posted on: 25 Jan 2015
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Sup, peeps! :D

Last week marked the end of my P180X challenge, which I failed at spectacularly during the final month, mostly due to Christmas obligations, but also because I had a relapse when it came to junk food and snacking. So while I didn't achieve the results that I wanted, I still managed to keep my body fat levels below 15%, which is fairly good as far as I'm concerned.

So now that the P90X phase of my fitness journey has come to an end, it's now time for me to move onto the next stage - building muscle.

Tomorrow, I start Body Beast, but with a twist - instead of taking complete days off, I'll be incorporating Yoga X from P90X into my rest days. That way, I can still maintain all that flexibility I've built up over the past year, whilst allowing my muscles to recover after six days of heavy lifting.

I'll be starting with the Lean phase of Body Beast, then afterwards, depending on my results, I'll then move onto the Huge routine, and finish up with a P90X/Insanity hybrid to cut up any remaining fat I've build up over those two programs. It's a little ambitious, but after all that I've done last year, I'm determined to make 2015 my year this year.

I've also made a seperate blog for my fitness journey, which you can find it over at Yeah, I know, SJW central, but I don't want to clutter up my professional blog with countless updates about my fitness journey. If you've got any questions about my current program, or you're curious about my current diet trends, feel free to follow me over there instead.

Hope to see you guys on Tumblr!

- Sean

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