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Posted on: 05 Jan 2016
Category: Personal

So, it's been a while since I last updated this blog. To be honest, there really hasn't been much activity on my end apart from slowly chipping away at V2 of Silver Dragon Studios.

Yes, you heard that right. I'm still working on the same website that I've been working on for nearly a year and a half now. That's not a good sign.

I've been thinking about where I've been the last year, where I'm going and which direction I want to take my career both as a web developer, and as a writer/blogger/what have you. I've had a lot of false starts, not just with web dev, but also my fitness routine, , my writing, and the countless social media sites I've signed up to, but never even touched since signup. I suppose it might be a case of me having unrealistic goals and expectations, and it's getting to the point where I've spread myself so thin, it's exhausting. I need to stop that, and focus more on the important stuff, and less on the cool stuff everyone else is doing.

Normally I'm not one for resolutions - I don't like of having the New Year as an artificial starting point for self-improvement, only to blow it before the end of January - but for me it's now as good a time as any to start kicking into gear and make the effort into delivering all the promises I keep making.

So, here's what's going to happen this year at Silver Dragon Studios, in a brief nutshell:

  • Finish V2 of Silver Dragon Studios! This is arguably the most important milestone this year, as I've already spent long enough developing it. As of writing I'm very close to finishing it, save for implementing sever-side scripting, and I hope to have it completed within the next few weeks. Which leads us to...
  • Launch my web dev business. This is what I've been wanting to do for years, but never really got around to doing much with it. I hope once SDS V2 is finished I can start putting together a more impressive resume for potential clients. I'll also need to start an advertising campaign to drum up interest, whether it's local or online.
  • I need, NEED to be more consistent with my diet and exercise habits. I love fitness, I love getting in shape, I was doing fine up until the middle of last year, when my motivation began to dip a little and I slowly went back to my old bad habits. So I need to start working on a more consistent mindset set in regards to that.
  • Somewhat related to the above, but I'd like to create my own workout program. P90X, Insanity and Body Beast are all great, but I'd like to put something together for the more intermediate/advanced crowd. I would also like to find someone who'd be willing to collaborate with me on this - the last program I tried to put together, I ended up pulling something in my right arm, putting me out of action for a while. So... a bit of technical advice would be appreciated!
  • I want to make progress towards my writing. Ideas and note organisation are the biggest hurdles for me, and they're what's been preventing me from doing much in regards to writing over the last year. So now that I've got a notebook, I can at least start putting my notes onto paper and properly brainstorm all my story ideas. I've got one story in mind, but I'd also like to play around with a couple more ideas I've got going in my head - some of which would probably never come to light in a few years, but every author has to start somewhere, right?
  • Blog more! Seriously. This. Why do I even build a blog if I'm never going to use it? Thing is, what should I randomly post about? Videogames? Movies? Music? Politically-flavored image macros and asking readers to share on facebook? ...Okay, maybe not that last one. But it's something I need to get into the mindset of, instead of just shutting down and idly browsing the internet for hours on end, or killing about six hours in Metal Gear Solid 5.

I think that just about covers all my goals for 2016. This year has as much potential to be as amazing as 2015, but -only- if I make the effort into doing so. Otherwise, I'm just going to find myself making this same, exact post one year from now while I ask myself "what the hell have you done with your life?"

It's going to take a lot of effort to make that first step. I just hope I'm not making it into a giant leap like last year.

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