Silver Dragon Studios V2 NEWS!

Posted on: 01 Mar 2016
Category: Web Design

Hey guys! So for the last year or so, I've been hard at work putting together the next version of Silver Dragon Studios, and I'm happy to report that, after 14 or so months I'm finally close to releasing V2 at long last. In addition to a cleaner, better looking layout, the site now boasts a revamped portfolio with more indepth information about each site, as well as any features that may have been implemented during the development process.

As of writing, all the server-side coding has been complete - now all that's left is some final coding tweaks and polishing before I can go ahead and go live. I'm hoping, barring any errors - or a comet - to have V2 go live by this Sunday at the latest. Naturally I'll have to take the website offline to move everything, but it shouldn't take longer than half an hour of downtime at least during the move-over.

Hope to see you guys on the other side!

- Sean

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