Pets Overnight

Created on: 2nd March, 2016

Pets Overnight was an experimental website that tested the use of responsive layouts, jQuery functions, CSS animations and a more modernised look. The name itself comes from a spoof website,, which was featured in the videogame Grand Theft Auto 3. Originally meant to be designed as a fully functioning eCommerce website, it was put on hold indefinitely whilst I worked on other projects, with the front page being the only working page as part of Silver Dragon Studios' extensive portfolio.

No plans of being revived as of writing. (And of course, I'm still waiting on that shipment of Mountain Griffons to arrive!)


  • ✔ Logo
  • ✔ Website Design
  • ✔ Color Scheme
  • ✔ HTML5
  • ✔ CSS3
  • ✔ jQuery
  • ✔ PHP/MySQL
  • ✔ Responsive Design
  • ✘ Wordpress
  • ✘ eCommerce