Sweet Apple Acres

Created on: 2nd March, 2016

Sweet Apple Acres was another fansite that I had planned similar to that of the Realm of Eternal Rain, this time covering Applejack from the show My Little Pony: Friendship if Magic. Like Pets Overnight, it began as an experiment to test responsive layouts, as well as other features I had planned (such as breadcrumbs.)

Like Pets Overnight, the website was abandoned as I went to focus on other projects. Only two working pages are available - the Index page, and the About page. I may revive this project once I free up some time to do so.


  • ✔ Logo
  • ✔ Website Design
  • ✔ Color Scheme
  • ✔ HTML5
  • ✔ CSS3
  • ✔ jQuery
  • ✔ PHP/MySQL
  • ✔ Responsive Design
  • ✘ Wordpress
  • ✘ eCommerce