Realm of Eternal Rain, V9

Created on: 20th March, 2017

Realm of Eternal Rain V9 is, yep, the ninth iteration of my Freya Crescent shrine. I began working on this on-and-off since early in 2014, while I worked on the second version of Silver Dragon Studios.

Design wise, it is a huge improvement over Version 8, with a cleaner, mobile-ready layout that makes use of a brand new color scheme based on Freya Crescent herself. The site also features my first attempt at handling JSON data in some sections, as well as pushing the envelop a bit further with responsive table layouts.

Personally I think this is the best-looking website I have created so far - it is reasonably well-liked by most Freya fans, and I hope to keep at this level of quality with further websites as I develop them.

(NOTE: Responsive design has not been impletmented yet! This will be added later as part of a minor update down the line.)


  • ✔ Logo
  • ✔ Website Design
  • ✔ Color Scheme
  • ✔ HTML5
  • ✔ CSS3
  • ✔ jQuery
  • ✔ PHP/MySQL
  • ✘ Responsive Design
  • ✘ Wordpress
  • ✘ eCommerce