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December Update - Facebook and Portfolio Updates

Posted on 04 Dec 2014 in Projects - 0 Comments

Woah, December already? This year really has flown by so quickly!

So, thoughts.

First off, I've gotten around to setting up a Facebook page for Silver Dragon Studios. It hasn't gotten a lot of likes yet, but I've began an extensive a (...)

Silver Dragon Studios - Redesigning the Logo

Posted on 01 Jul 2014 in Projects - 0 Comments

Hi again folks!

This week I've started work on redesigning the logo for Silver Dragon Studios, as I prepare to work on the next iteration of my personal blog/portfolio site. Thanks to

Where have I been?

Posted on 29 Jun 2014 in Projects - 0 Comments

Been a little busy with life, the universe, and everything, actually. But mostly just working out ti P90X day-in and day-out. I did, however, start work on a couple of websites in the meantime - a fansite based on My Little Pony, and an update for (...)

First Client, and To-Do List

Posted on 27 Jun 2013 in Projects - 0 Comments

Hey, guys!

Just letting you all know, I'm slowly catching up on a -massive- backlog of projects, jobs and a number of fixes I need to make both on here and RoER. Things have gotten a bit busier since completing the blog portion of this site (...)