First Client, and To-Do List

Posted on: 27 Jun 2013
Category: Projects

Hey, guys!

Just letting you all know, I'm slowly catching up on a -massive- backlog of projects, jobs and a number of fixes I need to make both on here and RoER. Things have gotten a bit busier since completing the blog portion of this site - in addition to preparing/gearing up for an upcoming coast-to-coast cross-country trip (more on that in a future post), I've also been negotiating a website deal with my first ever client. Hurrah!

Now, I know I told myself that I wouldn't be going freelance yet, but as I mentioned, I'm always on the lookout for projects I can add to my portfolio, and I just couldn't possibly turn down an opportunity such as this, especially since I already know the client personally. It isn't that much of a huge project to undertake, either - just a small, simple website for a music duo that needs updating to a more modern look. Sounds like the perfect job for a new web designer like me! :D

So I'll be working on that within the next week, hopefully before I go away on my trip. I just hope my old gaming habits don't spring up and distract me too much, like they did a few years back. I already wasted a year of my life playing Oblivion non-stop - not going through that again.

Getting back to the original topic at hand though, I've still got a long list of jobs that also need my attention. They're not priority like my website projects are, but they still need doing at some point, and this post is to help me keep track of what's been done, what needs doing and for me to remind myself of all the things I've forgotten over time as more and more projects come underway. So it's mostly for my benefit, but they're also here to let people know what it is I'm working on.

So here's the rundown on what I still need to do:

Silver Dragon Studios

  • Meta tags for google searches Done!
  • Possible font change for headings and body text Done!
  • New About section
  • Revamped Portfolio section
  • Possible pricing guide for sites (Under consideration)
  • Testimonials Done!
  • Mobile and tablet support

Realm of Eternal Rain

  • RSS Feed Done!
  • Complete Freya's equipment page
  • Complete Burmecia section
  • Move Origami Hats and Tshirt to Projects
  • Add Burmecian Second Life avatar mod to Projects
  • Skin the forums

Other Website Ideas

  • Possible E-Commerce site - maybe remake of
  • Possible Applejack fansite - custom forum project?

Final Fantasy IX - Chronicles of Gaia

  • Character bios
  • More character sheets (3 of 7 done)
  • World building
  • Backstory
  • 1st draft of main plot
  • Hire a beta reader/editor

Other story ideas

  • Short story featuring Declan and Serylis
  • Story adaption of Heart's Desire
  • Possible adaption of Robin Hood

So there you have it. The website fixes are obviously a priority, but I'd also like to see most of these side projects become a reality (especially Chronicles of Gaia - been planning this for almost three years now, and after two false starts, I think I might have an idea on where to take this one at last). There's probably a few more things I've missed out, but I'll cover those at a later time. Or I just might go back and edit this post when needed. Good thing I'm quite OCD, this shit is hard to keep track of!

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